Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Could you be a match for one of these?

Cache' Connections Arranged Blind Dates are quite popular! Some of you may have received our calls, where we are searching for potential dates for our "Asking Parties" through this personalized service. Yes, you read it right. Personalized service. You don't get that just anywhere!

These matchmakers have been busy little bees over the past several weeks, making calls, arranging dates and tracking feedback from one-on-one dates that we have personally arranged. Click the link above to read how this program works - and how we might work for you!

Here are a few of the folks on whose behalf we are searching:

1. A slender, petite 53- year old single-never-married female from the City of Chicago whose faith is very important to her. An accountant by day, she has a passion for helping children and also for remodeling and redecorating. She is looking for a guy who is content to spend time with her and a few close friends - not a big social scene.

2. A "young" 54- year old retired fireman from the City of Chicago. He leads an active lifestyle and enjoys a variety of activities, including a weekly Bible study. Communication is very important to him, as is a playful spirited gal who is game for trying new things.

3. A lovely 40- year old beautiful Italian woman from a suburb of Chicago. She strongly believes in abstinence before marriage and is also serious about education. Being a teacher with a Master's Degree has not satisfied her, as she is now studying special education. Her special guy will have at least a bachelor's degree and be accepting of her two children, whose father is a big part of their lives. He will also enjoy her love of cooking and hopefully be willing to dance and enjoy music along with her.

Outside of Chicago we are working with three gentleman from Central Illinois, ages 52, 48 and 73. If you would like more information about any of these Christian singles, please contact us!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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