Friday, June 17, 2011

The Joys of Matchmaking

Well, I promised a kind post today, so I decided to write the top ten reasons why Kim and Linda love matchmaking!

10. Being our own boss, or at least believing that we are.

9. Promoting healthy Christian marriages, which is so dear to Christ.

8. The privilege of working with our brothers and sisters in the Lord (singles, pastors, etc.).

7. Personal and spiritual growth as we help singles with their own personal growth.

6. Opportunity to lend an ear and words of encouragement and advice to those who have been beaten down by life and relationships.

5. Encouraging words from our friends and fans who recognize that this territory of singles is oftentimes rocky and unpredictable, but in need of someone who cares.

4. Seeing single friends begin to recognize and change some of their patterns and ways of thinking.

3. After 4 years of membership at Cache' Connections, finally seeing a special gal enjoying dating again and enjoying getting to know the gent we fixed her up with.

2. Being grand-matchmakers to babies Joshua and Judah, and more to come!

1. Success couples - and their submitted photos and stories to share!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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