Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why are you asking me about my physical activities?

I think I alarmed a few ladies last week when speaking with them over the phone. Both are involved in our Blind Date Arrangements, so I was getting to know them each a little bit better.

Two topics that we ask about, among other things, is their level of involvement in church and ministry, and their level of physical activity. So when one female told me she walks, she was a little taken aback when I kept pressing her, asking how far she walks or how long is she gone, and how many days per week does she walk? She asked, "Is this really important?" I said, "Absolutely." Men like it when women are active and take care of themselves. When she admitted she just started walking, I told her with a chuckle, "Well I need you to keep doing it because I am writing it down!" Generally speaking, men are looking for someone to "play" with. So, take my advice, don't wait for Mr. or Ms. Right to get a life. You will be more attractive if you are already out there living your own!

The other unsuspecting participant happened upon our recent Cache' Connections Expo in Peoria. She had not heard of Cache' Connections, but was convinced by her mother to come out despite her shy nature. Because of her shyness, I could not convince her to attend the upcoming speed dating event, but she really liked the idea of the date arrangement services. In speaking with her, I learned that she had a really rough few years surrounding her divorce. When I asked her about her current church involvement, she was honest in telling me that it had been ... shall we say ... spotty, although she is a believer. So I challenged her to come out to church where she last attended and where my husband and I happen to attend. She said she just might see me there (I told her exactly where she could find me.)

Well ... I didn't see my new friend, but won't hold it against her. The point again, is to be all that God wants you to be right now. Don't wait for a man or woman to come into your life and glue it back together. Think of it this way: Which would you rather buy? Fully Assembled, or "Some Assembly Required"?

~ Linda
Cache' Connections


Anonymous said...

Well, at least at first, especially online, we may be curious what you do for exercise since we are concerned about the proposed partner's health. Being a couch potato or letting oneself go is not good for anyone's health. Exercise has been proven to have many health benefits, including more energy for daily tasks, being more positive, lower disease rates, vibrant skin, etc., etc. We want you to enjoy life more fully and to be around for a while!

Anonymous said...

Would like to have some idea if you are really truly active on your own, or are you just putting those things down in order to attract someone (your mind and heart says: "I would love to do these things, like snow skiing - but I am not motivated to do that on my own unless I had a boy(girl) friend...well then, if you need a significant other in order to go snow skiing, for example, then you are waiting for life to begin only when you have this person in your life. BAD PLAN! Go learn the things you would like to do, so when you do have a boy(girl) friend, then he(she) won't have to spend all their time teaching you. That's what LESSONS are for! Pony up the money and take lessons!

p.s. I personally don't like "COUCH POTATOES" Sorry, those kinds of people promise, but never deliver any real action:

Person #1: Let's go bike riding.
Person #2: Okay that's great!

[The day of the Bike Ride}
#1: How about 10 miles?
#2: Oh, my hands, legs, arms, etc. hurt (after 2 miles)
#1: Ugh...this is NOT gonna work out.