Wednesday, June 15, 2011

2nd Quarter 2011 Newsletter

Wow, Spring flew by and here we are facing the beginning of Summer already. At Cache' Connections, we were busy with four of our popular Cache' Connections Expo's that took place in Jacksonville, FL, and Naperville, Peoria and Springfield, IL, which featured several area vendors who offer games and prizes to our guests. Most of these events also featured either a viewing of our Christian Dating Redefined DVD, or Dr. Stephen W. Simpson himself! Overall, it seemed that everyone left happy: singles with new friends, free prizes and coupons; and vendors with new business contacts and networking affiliates. Next stop for the Cache' Connections Expo is Cincinnati, OH where we look forward to seeing some of our friends there.

Aside from the daily tasks of praying for our single friends and couples and all of our decisions, keeping up with the events, website, blogging, etc., Kim and Linda have been busy matchmaking! How do we do this? We have activated (or more accurately reactivated) our Arranged Blind Date Services. CLICK HERE for details on how this works. Basically, we provide assistance in getting people together on actual dates arranged by us with people that we feel might make a connection. We do our best to get to know each party through a phone interview and review of their online profile and photos, but of course we can't predict chemistry. There have been four or five dates per week over the last month or so, and singles really seem to enjoy this personal touch. Having us involved provides an opportunity for singles to get feedback, express concerns, and make suggestions on some tweaks to your style that just might create more opportunities for success for you!

Summer can be a challenge for Cache' Connections, because people are so busy chasing baseballs, golf balls, hot dogs and apple pie with family and friends, that they seem to put dating on the back burner for a short time. That is why you won't see a lot of events on the Cache' Connections calendar until later into the Fall season. What that means is that when you DO see a Mixer or Cache' Quick Introductions event coming to your area, we need you to sign up! We will keep having events as long as you attend them.

Don't forget to check the daily blog. This is filled with great advice, polls, encouragement, etc. to help you on your journey as a Christian singles. Some of the latest titles have been:

Basic Instructions to Improve Your Chances of Success at Cache' Connections
"All Men Cheat"
A single leader calling singles "rebellious."
Not Alone
Free for men?
Can You Handle the Truth?
Why are you asking me about my physical activities?

If you have prayer requests or would like to join the Cache' Connections Prayer Team, please contact us.

Don't forget the June special, which is a One Year Subscription for just $44.99! The promo code is: SUMMER11.

Kim and Linda
Cache' Connections

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