Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"In my opinion, this ministry is a breath of fresh air ..."

We received the following testimonial from Pastor David Wheeler, Associate Pastor of New Life Christian Fellowship in Jacksonville, Florida following our event there this past April:

A couple of years ago at a SAM’s Conference, I became acquainted with Cache’ Connections and specifically Linda and Kim. They were introducing their ministry with a goal of providing Christian single adults a convenient way to meet and possibly find a mate. It is not easy to forge against the cultural norms of the day which lead many Christian single adults hopeless in their search for a successful relationship. Since our initial meeting, we have had several opportunities to examine and participate with Cache’ Connections. In my opinion, this ministry is a breath of fresh air in an area where many churches and pastors have abandoned their role, leaving many Christian single adults with little or no spiritual guidance in one of the most significant decisions an individual can make.

We recently hosted a singles event at our church with Cache’ Connections, called the Cache’ Connections Expo! Leading up to the event, Linda and Kim’s pre-planning and experience was very much appreciated. On event day, they came ready with a well defined plan to handle vendors, volunteers and those attending the event. As many pastors who oversee the ministry to single adults, our plates are often filled with other duties and responsibilities, but their expertise and hard work made this event a true success. They were able to coordinate over 40 different vendors, a volunteer team and with us as the host church to produce a flawless event that invigorated our single adult ministry and awakened others in our community to this ministry need. At the end of the night, all of the vendors were extremely pleased, many single adults left with goodies in hand and many had met a new friend. Additionally, the requirements on the church staff were minimal. Weeks later we are witnessing several budding relationships as a result of this event.

I encourage others to consider hosting or participating with Linda and Kim and Cache’ Connections. In a culture where the most significant of human relationships (Marriage) is under attack, thereby tainting the view in which God chooses to communicate His desired relationship with mankind (Ephesians 5), we as pastors and churches need to help single adults find the love of their lives utilizing more wholesome, uncompromising approaches that produce healthy and lasting marriages. I believe Cache’ Connections provides fresh and innovative approaches you should seriously consider.

Thank you Pastor Dave for taking the time to draft this letter, and thank you for opening your heart and doors to Cache' Connections. We hope to see many church leaders continue to realize that Cache' Connections is God's business.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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