Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Johnny picks Kristy!

Our first Single Spotlight Dating Game concludes this Saturday with a fabulous date with Johnny and his final choice, Kristy from Machesney Park. Although Johnny would have liked to take all three contestants out for the special date, his heart was won over by Kristy's friends who had wonderful things to say about her as they were calling in their votes to WQFL. Kristy's involvement in children's ministry and exemplary lifestyle of being "Jesus with skin on" were the deciding factors for Johnny. This coming Saturday, Kristy will be picked up by a limousine provided by Cliffbreakers. Together they will enjoy a wonderful meal and dessert, also provided by Cliffbreakers. Johnny will give Kristy a dozen roses provided by Crimson Ridge, and Photography by Harvey will be there to capture the night on film. Lastly, the fortunate couple will be treated with some take-home sweets provided by Simply Cakes. We are praying for good weather and a wonderful evening. Thanks, Johnny and Kristy for playing our Christian version of the Dating Game. Together, we can all help send a message that even "Jesus with skin on" can have fun and enjoy life!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

After Launch Progress

Rockford will never be the same after Cache' Connections came to town! Well, maybe that's wishful thinking. WQFL radio and Johnny V., the afternoon DJ promote the business and we are now featuring Johnny in the "Single Spotlight" contest. We have several ladies from the area vying for a special date with Johnny on the 28th of June which is provided by area sponsors. An amazing night is planned including such amenities as a limo ride, dinner at a 5-star restaurant, makeover, photos, flowers and a special dessert; see http://www.cacheconnections.com/singlespotlight/city.

We have had a great response from the area and also have received signups from several other states. It is exciting for Linda and me that several people are communicating and arranging to talk or meet. Members seem to be adjusting to our photo requirements in order to help combat the common online dating delimna of falsifying photos. Most of all, it is such a confirmation that Cache' Connections is attracting the people it is designed to attract: like-minded believers.

Our online chats have just begun. We had our first open chats and engaging conversations were experienced by all who attended. Very soon we will soon be featuring our experts in our chats who will offer their expertise to attendees.

Linda and I continue to refine our marketing model as we experiment in this test market. We were featured in the Rockford Star, which has brought awareness to some who do not listen to WQFL. We also are interviewed on WQFL each week.

Above all, we pledge our faith in God's ultimate plan and destiny for this business and its members.