Sunday, January 25, 2009

Once again - Getting Out Of The Boat!

Like we don't have enough to do already. Linda and I are it, the whole kit-and-caboodle, we perform multiple tasks from customer service, website oversight, accounting, event planning... we even make our own backdrops for our events! Now, we're writing a book - you heard it. We are partnering with Dr. Paul Meier to tell our story and provide advice to Christian singles. Once again God is using our past experiences and skills to push us to the limits of our abilities. We have actually kidded around since day one that we would write a book about how all this went down. As everything else has gone with this business, it has come much faster than we expected. Since the opportunity has presented itself, we're not going to turn it away. So here we go.. creating another wheel. We have decided to co-author each chapter, telling our story relating to an important concept we are trying to impress on singles. We have planned that Dr. Meier will then relate that same lesson directly to the singles. Waa laahh - the format has been established. Please pray for us. There's a lot to be worked out yet!

Monday, January 19, 2009

a day in the life ...

Okay, so you may be wondering, what really goes on at Cache' Connections? What do they do all week long? So today I thought I'd offer a glimpse of the action behind the action. Although we envisioned a self-reliant website that would afford us the privilege of "working on the beach," we have yet to research sand-proof laptops!

Both of our days begin by hopping on the computer around 7:00 a.m. to check on overnight activities: new members to be welcomed, bank account and statistics to monitor, customer service requests to address, Facebook statuses to update (be-friend us!.) Kim and I start our official business day together around 9:30 a.m., enjoying the freedom to work out before the work day; I on my treadmill and hand weights, Kim pumping iron at the gym. (She's pretty buff!)

We start the day together making a to-do list, as every day is different. Then we pray together for our decisions and for our members, always praising God and giving the business back to him each day. Depending on where we are with upcoming events, we spend a lot of time on those details - talking to church leaders, speakers, bands, photographers, writing scripts, contracts and endless lists lists lists!

Between 9:30 and 5:00'ish such things can be heard as:

1. "did you answer so and so?"
2. "we need to pray"
3. "we need to make a policy on (fill in the blank)"
4. "lunchtime already?"
5. "you make the page, I'll write the email blast"
6. "where's my map?"
7. "I wonder if Neil Clark Warren does this ..."

Do I miss the 9 to 5 job I gave up? Not really (sorry guys.) The steady paycheck and free coffee were great, but looking back it seemed like ... well, a lot of work. What we are doing now is more like an adventure. Only God knows how the future will turn out. Until then, we remain,

Two Crazy Married Women Who Started a Christian Dating Service

Events and More Events

We have always planned to launch Cache' Connections in new cities by holding events, but as this business has gone since day one, things seem to happen sooner than later. Since our first event in Naperville was such a success and we've had so many requests for more, we are forging ahead with many more events. Once again, God continues to confirm that His word is true as doors have supernaturally been opened for Cache' Connections. We are also extremely grateful for those in the Christian community who have stepped "out of the box" and partnered with us to make these events happen. Here are the new scheduled areas. Thanks to those who were led to lend support and have embraced what Cache' Connections is about.

*Peoria - WCIC radio agreed to offering promotions for this Peoria event and Pastor Jim Powell from Richwoods offered his church for the event. Many other pastors and counseling clinics from this area gave us their time and insight by participating in round table sessions.
Event: January 30th - Richwoods Christian Church

*Orland Park - Dave Mealiff, a single administrator from Parkview Church, invited us to do an event at their church, and Dave has been instrumental in making this event happen. Dr. Paul Meier, a nationally known author, speaker and psychiatrist has agreed to speak at this event. Finally after much concern about finding an appropriate music group, we found Brian Hunt, a local artist who is extremely talented and has his own album.
Event: February 13th - Parkview Christian Church

*Naperville -John Absher, singles pastor from Calvary Church welcomed us back to hold an event for Valentine's Day. The Dating Game idea will finally get to play out. Tower, a radio personality from Shine radio has been put in our path and is a great fit for the show's host.
Event: February 14th - Calvary Church

*Peoria - We found a good fit for a "Connection Party" to follow-up after the Peoria event at Central Station Cafe in Bloomington. The previous speed dating event was successful, but we found it to be too labor intensive for a small event. We have now made adjustments and it should be a great time for all. We are hoping this will serve as a model for future connection parties.

*Naperville and Arlington Heights - Plans are still in progress, but we should be hosting connection parties in these areas on March 8. Stay tuned for more info.

We will soon be embarking on new markets as conversations are underway with church leaders in Rockford, Atlanta, South Carolina, Florida and Indiana. Please join us in prayer for these doors to open and events to take place!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Year - Open Doors

Our year has gotten off to an encouraging note with a successful New Year's Eve party and three events coming up in a two week period. After launching over seven months ago as an online service, we are gaining confidence in understanding how to market this very specific niche business. We feel God's presence and guidance on a daily basis and are thrilled about some new doors that are opening. We have yet to find the "easy button," but both of us would probably get bored with that anyway as we are hardwired for a challenge. Linda and I committed to take part in a "corporate fast" invitation from Pastor Cal at Northwoods Church. It is a three week commitment and we believe that fasting is a biblical standard which can produce spiritual breakthrough. After one week, we have experienced some amazing blessings. Here's a few examples:

1. We were able to secure the talent that we were seeking for two upcoming events

2. We were informed that we would receive FREE promotions for one event with WMBI

3. We spoke to Dr. Paul Meier and his sister (who is his practice manager) and Dr. Meier agreed to co-author a book with us

4. We received some good news about our website programming that was a huge concern for months

5. Some fantastic free promotions have started on WCIC radio about our Peoria Live! event

6. Calvary Church agreed to host our "Dating Game" event which many are excited about

7. Dr. Paul Meier not only provided us with some of his articles on Christian dating and relationship topics, he penned an article on Boundaries in Dating just for Cache' Connections!

Lind and I are excited to see what the new year will bring and we are both committed to stretching past our comfort zones to spread the word - bringing encouragement and assistance to Christian singles.  Our God reigns!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Eve Recaps

At the risk of overdoing New Year talk, we felt it appropriate to report about our New Year's Eve event held at the Oak Brook Renaissance Hotel. We had approximately 62 Christian singles for the fabulous dinner, and then approximately 20 to 30 "walk-ins" who joined us for the comedian, Darren Marlar, and dancing to the tunes of DJ Johnny V. Guests had an opportunity to give their contact information to those they were interested in connecting with further. Here are a few testimonials we have received: "Thank you for the work and effort that you put into making New Year's Eve exciting and fun. What a great event. It gave me a chance to talk to more people. (Including the ladies....... there are a lot of nice Christian ladies out there.) I was amazed and in awe of Phillis...) She inspired me to give more of myself. All of the host and hostess said "hello" to me....... they all took their assignments seriously and made me and others feel comfortable and very welcome." "We really enjoyed the new year's went very well." "Thanks so much to both of you for planning such a nice evening! The food was excellent and the service there as well! The comedian was good and dancing was nice ... Thanks for taking the pics and for uploading them!"

The New Year was celebrated with party favors and a non-alcoholic champagne toast as we wished each other "Happy New Year!"