Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Angela and Dale Announce Their Engagement

Congratulations to Dale and Angela from Central Illinois! They met online shortly after each of them joined Cache' Connections last fall, and plan to be wed later this summer. You can read their love story below, but what I recall about this couple is my conversation shortly after Dale subscribed. I remember it rather clearly. Dale called with a case of buyer's remorse. He stated that he wasn't sure he was ready for online dating. I informed him that he did have a 3-day right of rescission and we would honor that, but I asked him to think about it for a few days. I never heard from him again and wondered for a while about his decision ... now he jokes that he'd like the refund since he only used the website for one day!

Meet Dale and Angela
WOW!!!!! We couldn't be happier! I'm not sure how it works, but Cache' Connections made a PERFECT MATCH!!!
When I first joined, it was at the prompting/prodding of a friend from church who was a "Cache' success story." I joined hesitantly and let my profile sit idle. For about two months, matches were sent to me and almost immediately sent to the "Not Interested" column. I didn't really want my story to be that I met a guy online, so I wasn't too gung-ho about pursuing anything. I actually had feelings of regret almost immediately after entering my information and pressing "Join."

When Dale's profile was sent to me, there was no picture. . . .just the infamous Cache' silhouette--this is not a good impression, guys!! :) (In his defense, he had just joined the day previous). However, after reading his profile, I thought, "If this guy is for real, I've GOT to meet him! He is SO me!!" I sent a very short "hello-have-a-nice-day" message to him and left it at that. This was on a Sunday evening. First thing Monday morning, I received an email from him. After several get-to-know-you emails, we met for coffee Tuesday, and the rest is history!

Dale: I was recommended by my mentor/accountability partner to Cache’. I reluctantly joined, and without a picture, in order to stay “low profile”! One day later, I received 30+ profiles. Angela’s was the first profile I opened. After reading it, I thought she had read my profile and then re-did hers to match mine. It has been an awesome 9 months! She has been such a support and confidant-- sharing our deepest thoughts and concerns. Sharing our walk with Christ together has been such a joy! God has provided a new best friend for life!

It has been nothing but a joy getting to know one another, sharing in our spiritual walk, encouraging one another, worshiping together, and growing deeper and deeper in love. He is AMAZING, and just so you know, he is everything his profile said he was. . . . . . and MUCH MORE!!!!!!! We have worked very diligently the past 9 months to form a God-honoring relationship; it has been so rewarding! He calls me every morning to pray with me before we start our day! How awesome is that?!?! :) We have read several relationship books together, couples devotionals, attend church together, and I even coaxed him into singing with me in our church's Easter cantata! It is so much fun and so wonderful to have God at the center of our relationship!

We are both happier than we have ever been and would be remiss not to thank our Heavenly Father for His goodness in our lives. We look forward to many wonderful years together, serving God and pointing others toward Christ in the way we love one another and those with which we come into contact. Did I mention that we will be making a lifetime commitment on August 6, 2011?!?! We are ecstatic, and cannot wait to see where God leads us. He has BIG THINGS planned for us!! There is no better place than in the center of God's will. His blessings are endless, and we are forever grateful to Kim and Linda for following God's leading in this ministry!!! THANK YOU and may HIS name be praised!!

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~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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