Monday, June 20, 2011

Cincy Expo was "Absolutely Wonderful!"

Cincinnati singles didn't quite know what to expect when they heard about the Cache' Connections Expo, but about 100 of them braved the challenge and came out to the Sharonville Convention Center Saturday night for the opportunity to meet other singles and do lots of other things! There was a nice variety of friendly vendors who shared their wares, food samples, physical and mental challenges and opportunities for personal growth through their services or products.

We decided to add an extra level of value to this particular expo, so we added optional speed dating for those age 30+. Since this was the first time we did this at a larger event, we weren't quite sure how this would go, but overall it went pretty smoothly! Although the female registration list was filled before the male list, we ended up with exactly 14 women and 14 men who each took one minute to introduce themselves to each other as they changed tables. Because some of the churches in the area conduct their own speed dating events, this was something the guests were somewhat comfortable and familiar with. But of course, there are 100 different ways to conduct speed dating. This way was extra speedy, but we encouraged all participants to get up on their feet and mingle around after all of the introductions took place. This way, they had an opportunity to continue conversations or ask questions of someone who sparked their interest. And let me just say, we definitely saw some sparks of interest! Only God knows what connections were formed that night.

Here's what one of our fabulous volunteers said about the event: "Great to meet you Linda. The singles event in Cincinnati was absolutely WONDERFUL!"

It was a very long day for these two crazy matchmakers, as we drove to and from Cincinnati all in the same day (or was that 2 days?). Only today are we beginning to be able to put complete sentences together again :)

What's up next? We're not sure, but I think there are some more pleasant surprises in store in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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