Friday, July 1, 2011

Leonard and Jan Announce Their Engagement

Yesterday we received the happy news that Leonard popped the question last weekend and she said yes before he could even get down on his knee. Leonard wrote the following in an email announcement:

We came, we tried and we met: Jan and I were first introduced through a Cache Connections Xmas/White Elephant event in early December, 2009 and everything fell into place and then some. Cache is a Christian social and dating venue that we both tried for the first time that evening, not knowing what to expect other than to determine if this 'experiment' with a unique Christian social venue really works.

After much date(data) modeling and simulations, regression and mapping analysis, in-depth studies of our 'love languages', and repetitive reviews of our verbal and non-verbal interactions and communication skills over the past 1.5 years,.......................I am here to proclaim that Cache Connections does work after all.

Simply a God-inspired connection point for Christian singles who desire a mate, Cache' Connections can "work" for those venture out to try new things. We are thrilled that it worked for Jan and Leonard and our many other couples. In order for it to work, however, some folks need to be more proactive on readying themselves, and eventually fine-tuning a relationship before saying "I do," as Leonard and Jan have.

We wish them God's best for their future together!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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