Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Join Linda in the Live Chat Tonight!

Pssssssstttt! Want to know a secret? If you want to get some great advice that is part of the Cache' Mentoring Services, but for FREE, join Founder/Linda in tonight's live chat at 8:00 pm CST!

Part of what sets Cache' Connections apart is our desire to provide guidance to help you become a healthy dater and potentially a healthy mate. We have found that some folks are stumped as soon as they get started - they are unsure how the Cache' Connections website works, they are hesitant to send messages, etc. We will discuss the basic mechanics of the website for any new members who may have questions, and then we can move on to more personalized issues, such as how to tweak your bio, what to say in those crucial first and second messages, etc.

CLICK HERE for more details on how to join in the fun tonight!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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