Friday, July 22, 2011

Dance Lessons Canceled

Due to lack of registrations, we have canceled the Dance Lessons event that was to take place this coming Saturday in Naperville, Illinois.

Canceling an event is never anything we want to do. There is always the consideration of guests who may be planning to register just a few days prior to the event, or walk-in and pay the up-charge at the door. It is very difficult to guesstimate how many people will show up and to know if there will be enough people in attendance to make it a worthwhile event for all concerned.

But, when we have zero to 2 registrations on the Monday prior to an upcoming weekend event, we are left with little choice. We realize it's summer and everyone is busy with other activities, so we look forward to packing the event calendar in the coming months. As we've said before, we'll keep hosting events for Christian singles as long as you keep attending them!

Have a great weekend.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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