Friday, July 8, 2011

A Peak at the Horizon

Those of you who are familiar with Cache' Connections know that it is our desire to partner with Christian churches around the country and ultimately be a well-known resource (I like to say "preferred provider") for singles in the Church. The main goal of Cache' Connections is to connect singles who desire to be married to another believer. Our secondary goal is to create a community for singles, so that they will not feel so isolated from the Church.

Well, here's an interesting story on that front - an example of God's timing. We paid a visit to a large church in the Detroit area a year ago and had a great conversation with an associate pastor with a heart for singles. After we left, he presented some of our ideas for a singles event to the senior pastor. At the time, the senior pastor was apparently "not that into us." We are used to this type of dynamic and have simply continued to pray for possibilities in Michigan, as well as other states where seeds have been planted.

About two weeks ago, we heard from said associate pastor who was recently asked by the senior pastor, "Hey, what are we doing for singles?" Their desire now is to create a community for singles not only in their church but from the surrounding areas and from other churches. They feel that having Cache' Connections as a part of this plan is key. They are even so bold as to say, "We want to see these people get married!" Plans are slowly beginning to take shape for regularly-scheduled events of a variety of sorts. They love the idea of singles connecting online to preview profiles, and then having an opportunity to meet each other, as well as others, at a social event. Your prayers are appreciated as we step out into this great adventure!

Interestingly, we spoke to a single leader in Chicagoland this week whose church is beginning to have the same thoughts ... they want to bring singles into the church through ongoing events and eventually plug them into small groups for spiritual growth. What better way to do so than with a third-party provider such as Cache' Connections, who has the heart for singles and the gifts, experience and mechanisms to put such plans into motion?

It's interesting to see God's plans unfold as we are faithfully and patiently persistent in the calling He has laid on our hearts. Join us for the ride!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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