Monday, August 30, 2010

An Unlikely Match Made?

Two of our mentoring clients think they have found their match.  The really cool part of this connection is we were working both with the guy and the gal and suggested they contact each other.  But, the moral of the story here is that both of these singles were open to our suggestions.  They are in their upper 40's and both divorced many years ago.  Neither had been successful in finding love since their divorce.  They each made the decision to be open to the possibility that they might need some help and signed up for the Mentoring Services.

After working through the process of tweaking bios and helping with communication and connections, we got busy discussing their connections.  We started working the the gentleman first and after a few false starts and after a few months had gone by, we started working with the lady counterpart and found she too was "teachable."  We suggested she contact the gentleman and she did.  We followed up by contacting him and suggested he talk to her and whalah!  He contacted us last week and said they were dating and the intensity of the relationship had increased.  They were discussing some of the more serious issues as far as "her" being a step-mother to his child.  He was pretty smitten and we are so happy for both of them and look forward to seeing where this relationship goes.

~ Kim
Cache' Connections

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