Friday, August 6, 2010

Summit: Kim and Linda Get Motivated!

When the mention of the Global Leadership Summit came up this year, both Linda and I felt that it was important that we attend.  We don't really consider ourselves leaders, but since we run a company, I guess we are:)  So we decided to take a couple days off from the office and spend two days at Northwoods Community Church to hear from God through these successful leaders.  There was so much good information, I don't even know where to begin.  We took pages of notes and want to share just a few key points that really stood out to us:

Bill Hybels - Founding Senior Pastor of Willow Creek - "Leaders move people from here to there, but you must convince people why they don't want to stay "here" to get them to "there."

Jim Collins - Best selling author of How The Mighty Fall - What great leaders have in common: "It is not about them and they never give up."

Christine Caine - Founder of the A21 Campaign (fighting human trafficking) - "The time is ripe for hope.  We have a responsibility to lead people to hope."

Tony Dungy - Winning coach of the 2007 Superbowl - "Leadership is about helping people.  We should all be pouring into others."

Jeff Manion - Senior Pastor Ada Bible Church, Michigan - "The Land Between (the desert) is fertile ground for God's provision, God's discipline and our transformational growth.  Invite in TRUST!"

Terri Kelly - CEO W.L. Core & Associates - "Create an environment of collaboration in your workplace.  Lead through influence and make everyone have an ownership in the outcome."

Daniel Pink - Best selling author & White House speech writer - "We are seeing the end of "profit motives" today.  Now the "purpose motive" has surfaced.

Blake Mycoskie - founder Tom's Shoes - "Business should always involved giving the first fruits and focus on what you can do to help others.  Strategic partnerships are key."

Jack Welch - founder General Electric - Leaders have to be authentic and energize those around them."

So, this is such a small part of the valuable advice and insight that was shared - all of which will impact Cache' Connections in some way at some time.

It was quite a thrill for us also to see so many of our pastor friends from the area in one place.  We enjoyed catching up on their ministries and sharing ideas about where Cache' Connections is heading. 

But I guess one piece of crucial information that was said over and over was DON'T GIVE UP!  It was so confirming to hear of these great leaders who poured their hearts and lives (and too often tears) into their companies or ministries for years until they reached a high level of success.  So onward we go.........

Have a great weekend!

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