Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is There Just One Person For Me?

I'm sure each one of us has asked ourselves the question, "Is there is just one person out there that is destined to be my husband or wife?"  Well, when you think about it, that thought could be quite overwhelming and confusing, because what if my soulmate is in Texas and I live in Wisconsin?  So, if there's only one person designed for me, how will we ever meet, and then... how long and wide do I search?  Also, will I know when I've finally met that person?  Will lights flash and buzzers go off and will my knees go weak? 

Before we start imagining the what-ifs and get too hung up on this lofty concept, let me interject that the answer is "no" according to Myles Munroe, author of Waiting and Dating.  He says, "There is no scriptural grounds to support the idea that there is only one Mr. or Mrs. Right.  There are 6 billion people in the world.  If there is only one person in six billion that is right for you, what is the likelihood that the two of you will meet up?"

Myles Monroe also goes on to say that God created us with free will, which is exemplified in lives of the first humans, Adam and Eve.  He explains that God may bring several people along our path that would be a potential mate.  It is up to us to choose our husband or wife.  "It is certainly appropriate to ask God for wisdom in making our choice about a mate, but He will not choose for us.  The choice is still ours."

Well... this certainly takes a little pressure off, doesn't it?  So, keep your eyes and heart open to where God may be leading.  He or she could be around the next corner... or maybe at Cache' Connections!

Have a great week.
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