Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TWD - Texting While Dating?

We all know that "TWD" - texting while driving - is a huge no-no. We're sure that none of our blog fans and members of CC engage in such dangerous activities. But what about texting while on a date? Is there danger in that? We polled our Facebook friends on this hot topic the other day and the results came flying in:

Christine: I never text on a date....unless it's one of my kids...with a emergency!!

Spring: same as taking a phone call to chat on the phone. I think it is rude to leave your date sitting and chat with someone else...

Jodi: Good kid contact tool. Not routine.

Tyra: ‎:-(

Beth: I think that you need to let your date know that if your children are a text priority. all other text responses are rude. even taking phone call are rude, unless they are the kiddies calling.

Mary: I think its rude and not a proper thing to do when you are trying to get to know a potential mate

Michael: only cute if you're texting your date...

Devin: Obnoxious!!! Almost as bad as ringing cell phones during church!

Vicki: Phone should be totally put away, on vibrate, give the date your utmost attention. Very rude.

Well, there seems to be a hint of vehemence behind these posts that suggest your health and safety may be in jeopardy if you engage in TWDating! Although checking your texts while on a date is probably rather common, the consensus is that it is highly frowned upon, especially when the relationship is new. So, leave your phone off, or set your phone so that the tone of your children's texts are recognizable. Give your date your full attention ... especially if you are interested in a second or third date.

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