Friday, August 13, 2010

$100 off? Are we crazy?

What were we thinking when we decided on the August special? Maybe the heat was affecting our brains. Anyway, it's gone public so we will run with it. Here it is again:

$49.95 - One Year (regular $149.95) ... 66% off!
$249.95 - Until Married (regular 349.95)

Promo code: Aug2010

Many new and existing members have taken advantage of this special. We know you're busy finishing up summer and gearing up toward fall, so this allows you to secure your membership at Cache' Connections for a full year at a price that is less than a regular three-month subscription!

Lots of great connections, engagements and marriages are resulting from members who are allowing God to open their minds and hearts and lead them in their decisions. Here's what one member wrote recently:

"You have taught me to reach out to most every match, just in case it might be the one God has chosen for me ... I am growing as I have been a member, and am SO glad I joined! I will be getting more involved with activities as time allows. I want to attend everything I possibly can ...I absolutely would love it if you quote me and it encourages others to be more open! I really think people would be more hopeful if they allowed themselves to be more open minded about what God wants for them, instead of focusing on their wants and needs. I have come to realize this has been a barrier for me and it kept me from happily searching for a mate! It is very disheartening to be anxious and narrowly focused. The entire world opens up when you go into each match positively with the understanding that God knows what is best for you and if this is not the person, then the right one is still waiting for you. The entire search has become fun and something to look forward to thanks to God reminding me that his way may not be my way."

If you've been considering Cache' Connections, now is the time! As always, don't hesitate to contact us for assistance. Have a great weekend - see you on the site!

Cache' Connections

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