Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Got roadblocks?

We felt this daily devotional by Dr. Charles Stanley, based on Isaiah 41:10-11, was worth sharing with our readers. Consider how these roadblocks may be affecting your attitudes and actions regarding your faith walk and dating:

Scripture identifies areas that can impede achievement. These include fear, doubt, excuses, procrastination, and laziness. If we know what the roadblocks are, it is easier to identify and overcome them in our lives.

First, when we experience fear—whether of failure, criticism, rejection, or anything else—our focus shifts from Jesus to the very thing we want to avoid. Such apprehension can become bondage. The antidote is to bring our focus back to the Lord.

Second, doubt is a lack of assurance that God will help us to succeed. Past failures, negative influences, and ignorance of His Word can all lead to this obstacle.

Third, excuses are an effort to make disobedience more comfortable. "I haven't had the breaks others have," "my parents didn't teach me correctly," and "I am too busy" are false justification, as was Adam's attempt to blame Eve for his bad decision.

Fourth, procrastination—or delaying an action that causes discomfort—also inhibits success. Related to that is a fifth roadblock: laziness. This ungodly behavior can, for obvious reasons, prevent our achieving God's purpose.

Wise people check their "path" to identify anything that inhibits following Christ fully. If any of the above roadblocks are impeding your success, push them aside. Find scriptures to help battle temptations. And ask God for strength so you can live freely and purposefully in the way He has planned.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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