Friday, August 20, 2010

This is what it's about, people!

I received this inspiring message from a Facebook friend the other day:

HI Linda,

I really enjoyed reading your chat about the Boundaries in dating book. It was very helpful, as a few things in the blog are what I'm experiencing in my dating now. I actually read through the blog with my counselor, in my counseling session today, and it was helpful to use to process some things! My counselor knows about you and Cache Connections ... God bless you for posting that blog. It was helpful to me.

We can't tell you enough how this "warms the cockles of our hearts." Even though this friend is not a member of Cache' Connections, she benefited from reading our blog. We're able to help singles grow, learn, and think outside of their boxes. I couldn't wait to share this with "Expert Emily," who also thought it was wonderful to know that the blog post from her recent chat was helpful. CLICK HERE to read that particular blog post.

Many members are seeing growth and change in their mindsets and patterns by participating in chats, being mentored, attending events and reading some recommended books, which meets our GOALS. So, member or not, please "follow" us if you are single and interested in meeting someone special. You never know how God is going to work on your heart, mind, attitude, etc. Yesterday's blog post shows 10 ways to glean from Cache' Connections. Just do it!

If you are interested in membership at Cache' Connections, August is the time to "just do it." Save $100 off of one year! The cost is just $49.95 with promo code Aug2010.

Have a great weekend friends!
~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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