Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Country Music Makes Me Nauseous"

Subtitle: A Snapshot of Authentic Dating

You have to love an expert relationship article that begins with "The nighttime wind off the Pacific was cold but invigorating. Sitting next to me at the end of the Santa Monica pier was a girl with dark eyes and long brown hair." Who would have thought that Dr. Stephen W. Simpson's writing would mirror a Harlequin romance novel? Where does line dancing come in? You'll have to read it for yourself!

Today we are featuring an enlightening and entertaining article by "Dr. Steve" where he confesses his trials and tribulations on his transformation from pre-authentic dating to authentic dating. Apparently, his pre-authentic strategies "yielded results so preposterous that I had no choice but to take a break from the romance rat race."

Ever felt like that? That you had to "try" too hard to please someone so that you could keep him or her? There's a better way. Here's a snapshot:

1. Get a life.

2. Tell the truth.

3. Assess before you impress.

4. Don't lie to yourself.

5. Remember your first love.

to read the entire article. As Christians, we should be nothing but authentic in every aspect of our life. However, in choosing a mate, it is imperative in order to find a love that will endure once the rose-colored glasses come off.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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