Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Flowers on a first date?

Another Facebook poll speaks:

Donna - I would prefer to receive flowers at my home after I'd known the guy for awhile :O) I'm not one to like attraction drawn to me, so receiving flowers in a restaurant would embarrass me.

Elva - Doesn't it depend on how many flowers & what type of flower??..Hmmm, am I wrong? I wouldn't mind one single flower on a "first date" even at a restaurant is fine in my opinion....

Shirley - I think it's sweet. (But haven't experienced this so don't really know.)

Matthew - I don't think so, especially on a first date! I think it's a little much. Later, once they've been out a few times, then it has meaning, and shows her she's special. (I notice I'm the only male to comment...)

Casi - People still go to restaurants on first dates? :) I thought people only met for coffee anymore. And I agree with Elva... a single flower would be a nice gesture without being too much.

Laura - I agree..maybe one shows he is thoughtful..if he brings a bouquet, then it may be that he feels it's expected, therefore he's doing it out of obligation and not his heart.

Tammy - a single rose is extremely sweet.

Mary - Definitely a single flower... A full bouquet would seem a little over zealous for the first date.

Karen - On a first date, I think flowers or even a single flower is too much too soon. It means more the more you get to know the person. I believe you can over do it on a first date. Keep it Simple! I just want to get to know you first, then flowers later. : )

Mary - I like flowers. But, I wouldn't want to get a whole bouquet at dinner ... that would be awkward.

There you have it! I have to add that it's just a little sad that, for safety reasons, we are now meeting in coffee shops and restaurants instead of picking up the girl at her home. 27 years ago my future husband picked me up for our first date with a dozen roses in tow. Of course he was extremely shy and awkward about giving them to me ...

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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