Thursday, June 24, 2010

Only interested in events? Think again ...

I was chatting with a Facebook friend this morning who is enjoying the thrill of new love with another Cache' Connections member. If any of you have been there, you know the magical feelings associated with this period. (Studies show that there are actually chemicals in the brain that are making you feel sooooo good!)

So any, let's call them Harry and Sally. Harry has been a Cache' Connections member for some time, off and on. Actually, he was one of our first members before we had the online matching system. He would call periodically asking when we were going to build membership in his area, a Chicago suburb. We encouraged Harry to hang in there and assured him it was all in God's timing.

To my surprise, my research shows that Sally joined Cache' Connections during the same month in 2008! A friend of hers met us at the Ignite Chicago Festival and gave Sally our promotional material. She joined and soon connected with another member, and they saw each other for about a year, but it wasn't meant to be.

Harry and Sally both attended Cache' Connections Live! in St. Charles on 4/23/10. Sally was a volunteer door greeter. I think she recognized Harry when he walked through the door (we joked that he got past Security :) Here's the interesting part: they did not connect at the event.

Both Harry and Sally were encouraged by the success story of Markita and Darrick, who had testified about how they met through Cache' Connections as they shared their rapid-paced love story. So both Harry and Sally decided to re-subscribe to the online matchmaking system that weekend, taking advantage of the special offer at the event.

Soon thereafter, Harry sent Sally a message through the website. They started an online friendship that moved quickly to the phone, and then a personal meeting. They both have been very pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily they meshed on such pertinent topics as faith, family, lifestyle, etc. I do believe the word "love" has been mentioned and they spend as much time together as they can, despite the 45-minute drive between them.

We look forward to seeing this love story develop. It's interesting to us that Harry and Sally were both at the same event, but didn't actually meet there. It took that extra step of faith - "pro-activity" if you will, to get connected. It is impossible to meet everyone at a large Cache' Connections event, or even see everyone for that matter. So if you are serious about finding a Christian mate, what are you doing about it? Cache' Connections is a good way to put feet on your faith :)

~ Linda
Cache' Connections


Anonymous said...

Great story. I'm lost on this sentence, though:

"I think she recognized Harry when he walked through the door..."

Is that literal or figurative? If literal, how was she already acquainted?

Linda said...

Hi Anon,
She recognized Harry from his photo on the website. Glad you liked the story!