Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you Facebook?

That's right: "Facebook" is now a verb, among other things. To many, it seems to be their world. And we confess we are drawn into this dimension, where we find ...

- a seemingly very lonely friend in New Mexico who chats me up nearly every morning just say good morning, and for some reason ends every sentence with "oh ok" or just "ok." I was thrilled when about a week ago she finally said more than good morning. She shared a prayer request about an ankle injury.

- singles, marrieds, widows, pastors, musicians, teenagers, all happy to have a friendly meeting place "where everybody knows your name"

- one pastor in particular who accepted my friend request and has taken kindly to our efforts and now seems to want to add some wind to our sails. Let's say he has some gale force winds behind him!

- long lost friends from my childhood neighborhood and school days. How fun to catch up with everyone, even trying to figure out where we lost touch.

- friends who really weren't friends until the Facebook relationship. Admittedly, some of us use it to gain friends or an audience for the message we are trying to spread. Some of these friends don't know Jesus Christ, and we are able to witness to them. Sometimes quietly through our posts of scripture and encouraging words, and sometimes through deep conversations in the chat box. God can use ANY means to spread his message!

- Cache' Connections members, and new members. It's fun to get to know them better, but there is a caution in that your last name is available on our friend lists!

- Want to join my Facebook world? It's fun! Click here.

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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