Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let's Not Forget About This....

I know the subject of submission and obedience is something we prefer to ignore, but it is definitely important in our daily walk with God when seeking his blessing, including the blessing of a future spouse. Here's a great reminder from the Monday Prayer and Fasting Group. Quote by Drayton Nabers in his draft, "The Hidden Key to Happiness."

Our relationship with Christ is that of Lord and servant. We are subjects in his Kingdom. True, he is our friend and our relationship is one of mutual love. Nevertheless, our friend is the King of the universe, and we can never forget this. He is in authority over us more so than any earthly executive. When he makes his will known to us by his written word or his Spirit, we either do it or create disorder in our relationship, just as ignoring or disobeying the instruction of our boss or coach would create problems in that relationship.

On the other hand, when a relationship such as that between parent and child is founded in mutual love, that relationship deepens and flourishes when the two wills are aligned and function in harmony. That is simply how all authority works.

And this is equally so in the spiritual realm. As we have seen, Jesus and his Father are in "complete unity." Their wills are perfectly aligned, as Jesus does "nothing on [his] own. . . . [He] always [does] what pleases him" (John 8:28-29). We need to seek the same perfect alignment by submitting our wills wholly to God. 

This is your weekly reminder that we are praying and fasting this Monday during lunch or all day, or however God leads.  Hopefully, you can find a friend to pray with you.  And as you pray, please remember--in addition to your own things--to pray for 1) marriages for those wholong (or should long) to be married, 2) courage for men to move into relationship and marriage with a woman, and 3) courage for women to see where we need to change. 

Linda and I will be fasting and praying along with this group.  We encourage you to join us!  You can join their email list at


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