Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Tough Out There!

Ever since the inception of Cache' Connections, Linda and I have started each day in prayer which includes prayers for the business and our decisions, our members and couples, and any prayer requests that have come our way.  If you're not familiar with our site at Cache' Connections, our "contact us" form has an option of sending a prayer request.  But it is becoming even more common now, as we have developed relationships with many of our singles, they look to us as friends and often turn to us with their struggles and ask for prayer.  We are so honored to be trusted with some of the most private issues, and each day we put our prayer list in front of us before we begin praying.

And, as we mentioned yesterday about the power of Facebook for marketing, we have found that Facebook has been such a great way to share this journey of "life" and has helped us make new friends even though it's just through the internet.  Just last night, I felt led to ask a single FB friend how she is doing which led to a few messages back and forth where she shared a struggle she is experiencing.

Also, just a few nights ago, after working until about 10:00 p.m., and I was ready to shut down my computer, I was "chatted up" by a guy who had been trying to talk to me for a few days.  I felt led to see what was on his mind, and then quickly found this was no casual conversation.  This guy had a point to make and he came on pretty strong.  It quickly became obvious he is not a Christian and wanted to argue his stance against my belief.  Well... I did the best I could, but most times when witnessing to someone, I never feel like I communicated it all quite good enough.  But, I had to remind myself that it is just my place to plant the seeds and God will take care of the rest.  So please pray for my new friend, that the truth will be revealed.

Here's what one friend recently wrote:
By the way....thanks for your prayers for all singles, and for me during the last 6 months. God has been doing some amazing things in my life. Not sure where things are going with ______ (and I don't need to but I appreciate how much you and Kim both care for him and everyone on Cache.

I don't want to forget to mention that WE have been blessed by the prayers of our new friends too.  We hear daily that many are praying for us... so thank you everyone who has remembered us in your prayers!  it is a wonderful thing to be in a family of believers :)

Please let us know if we can be praying for you.  And if you want to slip Cache' Connections in your prayers, we wouldn't mind at all:)


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