Friday, June 18, 2010

Blind Group Dating - What People Are Saying

Cache' Connections Dinner Parties are busting out all over the place! Several are booked for the Chicagoland area; two for Peoria are in the works ... and there are several on the waiting list in other states. These matchmakers are busy researching profiles, calling singles and setting them up to enjoy dinner with a group of 8 people they don't know - yet.

We can't really explain why this idea has been so popular - maybe it is simply the mystery factor? Attendance is by invitation only ... so it's a little underground. People don't know for sure who all they are going to be meeting, but they are (trying) to trust our judgment and experience. It's a bit of a risk, but then we got to thinking ...

For the men: this is a no-brainer. Research tells us that men are hesitant to ask a girl out and plan a date for many reasons. And - there is always the question of whether they should pay for the date. So, what a deal! Cache' Connections does the inviting, the planning, tells me where to go and when to show up, I get to meet 4 women and possibly walk away with 4 phone numbers. Plus, I'll have 7 new single friends to network with! For the price of a date with one girl, I get a date with four and the "easy button." Sign me up!

For women ... they love the personal touch - and the adventure! Our members trust us as we look over their profiles for what type of person they are looking for. Although there are no guarantees, this is a great way to spend a Friday or Saturday night! And - they don't have to sit around and wait to hear from a guy, or struggle with the ongoing question of "should I contact him?"

Here are a few other things that singles have said about The Cache' Connections Dinner Parties:

*I like it because you can spend more time together
*It's more targeted to my age range
*It's not too scary since there's a group
*I think it will be fun to meet some new girlfriends
*I like that you are matching me up with some other people according to compatibility
*It's less awkward than a regular blind date

Contact us to be added to the waiting list for future parties!

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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