Monday, June 28, 2010

First Dinner Party Reviews

The first Cache' Connections Dinner Parties took place on Saturday and Sunday nights this past weekend. Early reports that have come in are quite positive! All of the hostesses (who were also participants) have checked in with their official feedback, and a few guests have written to us as well.

Here are a few quotes:

From the 40's at Maggiano's:

"Just wanted you to know I had a great time. It went very well. Everyone talked as if we were old friends. Very nice people. Thanks for having me....My only suggestion would be an earlier start : ) I got home at 12:44 : ) Two Thumbs up! I would do it again!!"

"I really enjoyed my time ... We all seemed to do well together and hope to get together as a group again. Keep me posted if you plan to do these again in the near future."

"I so much enjoyed the dinner party the other night. It was probably the best time I’ve had in several years. Conversation was light and fun, the food was excellent, and the atmosphere was great. It was probably the best way to meet people of the opposite sex because we had a chance to talk to each other face to face and actually engage in 2-way conversation without a lot of structure. I’ve been single all my life and have attended a lot of singles functions, and I feel this was the perfect way to meet women. Ever since I heard of Cache’ Connections, I realized that you really have a heart for singles and that you “get it.” You guys are the best I’ve ever seen or been involved with. We want to meet each other but we want to be engaging with each other, not just go to a program. Your events give us plenty of time to do that."

From the hostess: "I had such a great time at the Oakbrook dinner party tonight and wanted to thank you and Linda ... The entire evening was great fun. Thanks for the invite. I would certainly do this again. I've enjoyed a number of your events but I would consider this the best Cache event I have been to. Let me know if you have any openings for any other dinner parties in my area and age group."

"We had a wonderful night at Maggiano's! Our initial table group connected like we were old friends. I especially enjoyed the ladies, as we were all encouraging and supportive of one another. We genuinely liked and enjoyed each other! The guys were a lot of fun! We had such a good time together that we have made plans to all get together again at one of the participant's upcoming beach parties. We all had so much fun together that we decided to each pass one card around, on which everyone at the table who wanted to wrote their emails so we would each have each other's information, as we all wanted to get together again as a group."

From the 40's at Carrabba's in Naperville:

"Hi Linda, I had a good time ... The food was fantastic by the way!"
The hostess had this to say: "Everybody had a good time and the food was great. It was a little hard to hear from one end of the table to the other, but I do like the number of eight. All of the people were very nice. Not sure how many connection cards were passed out, but as one of the gals said, she just likes new opportunities to meet other Christian singles."

From the 30's and 40's in Arlington Heights:

From the hostess: "Thank you so much for the opportunity to do this. Everybody had a wonderful time, we were talking and laughing. The others were teasing me that I had to work more than them, but I didn't mind. As you know I've had a rough week; thank you for encouraging me to stick with my commitment to serve as hostess. I'm really glad I came out!"

If you are interested in being invited to a Cache' Connections Dinner Party, please CLICK HERE to read more about it and to add your name to the waiting list for a party in your age range near you!

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