Monday, April 5, 2010

What George Had to Say After Two Weeks of Mentoring

After speaking with George, our Mentoring Contest winner, he made it very clear that he is very pleased with the services and the results. Here's what he had to say:

Kim and Linda,

Thank you so much for the mentoring. You ladies are very thorough with all the services you provide with this program. You helped me big time with my biography. And the strong suggestion to get new pictures was spot on.

I really appreciated the way you listened to me about my likes and dislikes about my connections. Also, after speaking together, I feel I was able to “broaden my horizons” and look at my connections from a wider perspective.

And wow, did I learn a lot from your suggestions on how to communicate with my connections!

The best part of all is that Kim and Linda made personal phone calls to ladies that could be good connections for me!

It’s great that I have gotten closer to finding my special someone in just two weeks of mentoring than I have in the entire year I have been on the website. So far, I have been connected with three ladies who I look forward to getting to know better.

Dating is very different now as it compares with 25 years ago and for the small price you charge for this service it is an outstanding value and you both put a lot of time, effort and HEART into it.

Thank you once again and I do thoroughly recommend this for singles, as one definitely will get outstanding help and value with navigating this site.


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