Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time to Let it Go!

Linda and I have really enjoyed the Cache' Mentoring Services since they were launched a few weeks ago. Let's just say, we're getting in there and getting our hands dirty! In other words, by working on a personal basis with clients, we feel that we are helping them to discover some new ways of approaching dating. We don't want to come off as though we know it all, but we feel we have learned a lot in the 3 years of building this business. We have been blessed to talk with experts, pastors and singles across the country about issues that may be hindering successful relationships. We also have learned so much from reading the many great books out on Christian dating and we also must mention that we feel God has anointed us in this area. We don't take these duties lightly and continue to cry out to God for wisdom (James 1:5) as we work in this tender area of people's lives.

The hardest part about mentoring singles is often we find they are stuck in a rut of making the same decisions over and over again... and these decisions are not always in their best interest. Take for instance, one mentoring client who says he will only date ladies with dark hair and dark eyes. And we also commonly see guys who only want to date the best looking girls even though they're not really a 10 themselves. Well, guess what? They're still single. I know it sounds a little harsh to say, "and how's that working for you?" but I even talked to a guy this week who is 60 years old and never married, and he's still hanging onto his "list." So, comes the dilemma if whether we say nothing so we don't offend our clients, or do we really help them and say what they don't want to hear - the truth.

Well, Linda and I had quite a pow-wow over this one and decided we aren't really helping people if we don't suggest to them what could be holding them back. It's just a matter of helping them to look at things from a different perspective, and of course it's really in the delivery. During the two-week period, we partner together in prayer that the client would open his or her mind to any changes God may have for them to make.

So far no one has hung up the phone on us and everyone has seemed to appreciate the suggestions, but it's a process. We give them the information and then they need time to digest it because it's such an "about turn" from the old ways of thinking.

But overall, the Mentoring Services are helping people and we love being part of it!

Have a blessed day!

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