Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dating Turn-offs for Gals

Hey babe, wanna go out sometime?

As promised, we gave the ladies their turn for a rebuttal on the dating turn-off issue via Facebook. Let's just say we didn't have to ask twice :) Here they are in no particular order:

1. Bad breath; lack of personal grooming; poor hygiene

2. Over-zealousness (too many emails, phone calls, etc.) It makes me think--- no, it TELLS me that you are needy, and that is a turn-off

3. Lying

4. Ill-fitting attire and attire too casual for the occasion; socks with sandals.

5. Know-it-alls

6. Men that try to "charm" you by teasing you

7. Not calling when promised

8. Staring too long at other women when on a date with you; not making eye contact with me.

9. Being boisterous (talking loud, laughing loud); talking about himself all night

10. Poor manners; tooting the horn instead of coming to ring the door bell.

11. Looking to see who's calling on the cell phone (even if you don't answer, you might as well since you popped open the phone).

12. Men not picking up the tab. If I wanted to go "dutch" I'd go with my best friend. A date is a date is a the tab already!

13. Not escorting me to my car after a date if we met a mutual place. Even if you're never planning to see me again, be a gentleman.

14. Not waiting until I'm safe and in the door before you pull off from my driveway.

15. Asking a barrage of personal questions. The one I get asked most often when 1st meeting a man: How old are you?

16. Too much cologne.

17. Don't talk to me about your mother. I don't care to know that she makes the best food or that she still does your laundry.

18. Not referring to me by name in email, phone calls, etc.. I have a name, you know?

19. Bragging about money and possessions.

20. A man who starts calling me sweetie, darlin', etc. when we aren't even in a relationship or hardly know each other. I lose trust in them right away.....he would call anyone terms of endearment.

21. Expecting physical contact on different levels.

Guilty of any of these, guys?

~ Linda
Cache' Connections
p.s. Sometimes I think I have too much fun picking these photos.

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