Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dating Turn-offs for Guys

So I took a random poll on my Facebook page, asking what are major turn-offs for guys when it comes to dating? Well, like it or not, here's what I got, in no particular order. (Note: spelling and grammar has been corrected by Yours Truly.)

1. Treating you like you were being interviewed for a job or a car loan.

2. Treating a date like a police interrogation.

3. Being man haters.

4. Talking bad about ex boyfriends or being critical. What will she tell others about you? (A mentoring client told me same thing, which led to this poll.)

5. Reliving their past of 10 years ago like it was yesterday - get over it, heal, and move on.

6. Impatience and unkindness.

7. When she asks for her child to attend dinner or an event and doesn't offer to pay.

8. Bad manners. Chewing with their mouth open.

9. Anger and bitterness.

10. Smoking.

11. Being late -- or not ready -- when you have agreed on a time to do something.

12. Bad breath makes me want to head for the hills.

13. Not letting a man treat her like a lady, like opening doors, etc.

14. Not getting the balance right between being "Too Strong" and "Too Weak."

Hmmm ... that last one is food for thought. And I'm a little surprised that spitting wasn't mentioned!

Ladies, you are next. Send your turn-offs to Also, join me for Facebook fun! Click here to find me.

~ Linda
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~ Linda

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