Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Older Men Dating Much Younger Women?

Ouch!... yeah, we know this is a really touchy subject, not just with the women, but we were told it's a well-kept secret subject among the single guys 40+. I just had a conversation yesterday with a 55 year old bachelor, never married, who said a lot of his friends are set on dating someone 20 years younger and he wanted to know our thoughts. Well, since he asked, I told him that there are definitely some red flags at the get-go when connecting two people with a 15-20 year age gap.

According to Tom Blake, the author of "Middle Aged and Dating Again," "most of these marriages don't last." As we are all aware, marriage can be difficult enough without adding more hindrances resulting from such a large age difference. Some of these complications include:

*different energy levels
*different maturity levels
*different experience levels
*different stage-of-life interests
*age differences with friends
*starting a new family vs. already raised a family
*health issues and longevity

We're not saying that it absolutely won't work between two people with a 15-20 year age difference, but the probability of a successful, long lasting relationship decreases with so many complications thrown in the mix. We like to recommend the guys open their minds to the thought of dating someone closer to their age. We have some awesome 40+ and older ladies at Cache' Connections who have it all going on, and the important thing is to find someone who you truly love and adore and is committed to putting Christ at the center of the relationship.

He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:21-23



Ed said...

I agree with most of the remarks made but one prime factor was ignored, most woman I have met don't really know what it means to be in condition or active. Being a walker doesn't make you a hiker, cycling every day doesn't mean you can off-road. Camping means rain or shine, fishing means hot or cold. As a man I understand theater, plays, romantic dinners, and I enjoy those activities, but what about the flip side? I enjoy a very active lifestyle, very physical in nature, it appears I have to step way down in age and I am 60 years old and adventurous. Stopping JUST because I'm older seems wrong.

Anonymous said...

Ed, that's great that you are active. Most women aren't interested in doing things to the extreme that you are used to. Maybe you should save those activities for the guys, your sons, nephews, etc.