Monday, April 12, 2010

"The Cache' Connection" Bachelor revealed!

Our 39 year old bachelor hails from the South side of Chicago, where he is stays busy preaching, speaking, and keeping everyone in shape. All this outside of his day job, that is. Lee is looking for a special lady between the ages of 29 and 39 who has a good heart and a desire to take care of her temple.

Lee Roupas (a/k/a Big Lee) will be the featured bachelor on 6/4/10 at The Cache' Connection show at Parkview Christian Church - Lockport Campus. Make plans to come out and join the audience. You, along with an expert panel, will be able help him choose between 3 to 5 potential dates. Click here for details!

Lee Roupas is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified fitness trainer. He is a lifelong drug-free athlete, martial artist, and competitive natural bodybuilder. He is a motivational speaker who speaks to professional organizations, business people, schools and churches. Lee has also been a featured television and radio personality on NBC 5, WTTW’s Chicago Tonight, WJJG 1530 AM, WSCR 670 AM, CATV 19 Chicago, and The Don of Sports TV Show. Lee was selected as one of Chicago’s top twenty-five most-wanted bachelors by Today’s Chicago Woman Magazine. He is a graduate of Michigan State University and resides in the Chicago area. Click here to view his website.

See you on 6/4!

~ Linda

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