Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Have you met someone?

We're always thrilled to learn when a couple has made a special connection because they met through our website or one of our events. I guess this is another way that we differ from the "Big E" and the like. We are people who genuinely care. Kim and I are passionate about connecting Christian singles and have worked tirelessly and sacrificed a ton to do what we are doing. This is not just another dating site, but a company that is owned and operated by Christians who pray daily for members and couples who have formed.

Many of you know this ... and you don't hesitate to contact us with a specific question, prayer request, or for dating advice. We are here for you! We know that dating is hard - we are learning a lot through this business. It's funny ... when we restructured into a matching website, we feared we were going to lose touch with our members. But through the events, customer service, phone calls and other marketing efforts, we feel we have a pretty good handle on what's going on in your world. Also, we've learned a lot from our experts and pastors that we deal with.

Kim likes to poke fun at me because I actually get a little mad when I learn that two people have connected through our efforts, but don't bother to tell us. I'm still on a manhunt of sorts for a couple in the Chicago area who we heard got married as a result of Cache' Connections. Any tips would be appreciated ... and your name will remain anonymous :)

I'm happy to say that we heard from two separate individuals this week who reported that they are in committed relationships and requested to be taken off of the Single Spotlight. What about you? Have you met someone - or know of a couple that is dating because of Cache' Connections? Care to share?

~ Linda

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