Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 2 of Whistle Stop Disney Tour

I'm not really sure what whistle stop tour means, but I thought it was kinda cute so whoo hoooo! we're here at our first stop of the Cache' Connections Disney Getaway Tour.

As you can see by the photo, we were at First Baptist Atlanta today, doing a 12- (yes, 12-) minute pitch to the SingleLife ministry, headed up by Pastor Keith Langland. We weren't really sure how this was going to shake out since communication was a little stilted prior to our arrival, but we showed up with a short pitch and power point in tow. So, while we were in the war room (which is a fancy way of figuring out how we're going to do announcements, the way I see it), we were informed that we had exactly 12 minutes to do our thing. We asked if we could show our power point and were informed that Kim had about 5 minutes to get it worked out with the techie. And we were off! We forgot something in the car, so Emily Shupert (one of our guest speakers at the conference, hostess with the mostest and all around Atlanta helpy helper) and I RAN through FBA to get back to the car and back in 5 minutes - in heals. Oh we were quite a site to these southern Baptists. But! We made it back in time for the announcements to begin. The pitch and power point went off without any tomatoes and donuts being thrown at us. Even had a minute to spare but they wouldn't let me tell any jokes ...

Turns out I met one of my friends/neighbor's cousins, who seems to be Second in Command of Announcements for Single Life. It was my pleasure meeting you Ashley! So yes, it is still a Small world after all.

We were late for service but caught most of the sermon at beautiful FBA, followed by the photo opp you see above, compliments of Pastor Keith's son, Jordan. His family and we had a nice lunch together.

A little later we were in another strategy meeting over coffee and the hugely annoying grinding/whirring noises of Starbucks with a gentleman who had some great contacts in the Christian business world. Thank you God! We look forward to following up on these early this week.

A little shopping at the mall de-stressed us, as we managed a Christian singles bowling party over the phone that was taking place in Naperville. (Apparently a good time was had by all!)

The evening ended with enjoying the movie "Leap Year" with Emily - what a treat!

Tomorrow morning we pack up and head further South to Jacksonville, FL. We're going to keep going South until we thaw out!

Keeping it real,

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