Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 9: White Line Fever

Today is the last day with our lovely host family for the past three nights. Man are we gonna miss Tom, Cindy and their dog Casey! Thanks guys! We also said our goodbyes to George the Gecko, who gave Kim quite a scare when he made his appearance in the bathroom windowsill this morning. (Don't tell her but I'm hoping George made his way into her suitcase! After all, she did get the big bedroom ...)

We started out this morning at McGregor Baptist in Ft. Myers, FL, where Pastor Arthur Keeley took us around to about six different singles Life Groups (f/k/a Sunday school classes). He introduced us by first stating that he will always preach and teach that singles should date Jesus first. He also then acknowledged that he couldn't turn a blind eye to the fact that some of them are participating in online dating, and perhaps getting into places that are not the best choices for them. He was happy to introduce them to a service that is biblically based and owned by Christians. Kim and I were then given a few minutes in each class to explain the basics about Cache' Connections, then give information on the Disney Getaway, and finally answer questions. Many people seemed excited to go to Disney and agreed that the pricing was very reasonable. Check out all details by clicking here.

We had our "last lunch" at Famous Dave's since we no longer have one in Peoria. This is a photo of me and our waitress, who explained the different BBQ sauces and made an acrostic which spelled "Darn that stuff is really great." We packed up our stuff and hit the road. It's a long way home! Not much to say, except that it gets colder with every mile marker, of which there are several!

~ Linda

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