Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 4: Kind of a Bust

You may notice that I'm writing this post "the day after." The misadventures never stopped, even up until the last few hours, which were spent on the phone with Verizon. At that point, I was ready to hit the hay.

The day started off rather lazily, as we were slowly getting our clothes ready and getting the morning updates and responding to emails. Then I decided I should check to see how long it actually takes to get to our appointment at 10:00 a.m. Imagine our shock when we discovered it takes about an hour when we thought it would take about 15 minutes! We had one hour to get the two of us showered, dressed, fluffed and shellaced. Done. Then, we couldn't figure out how to get out of the condominium complex (remember we entered in the dark.)

So along the way we thought we'd phone ahead and tell the pastor we might be just a few minutes late. "Late?" his receptionist asked. Your appointment is tomorrow at 10:00. Oh - ok. Rewrite. Find mall. (That part was relatively easy.) Did a little shopping, had a nice lunch at Elephant Restaurant and then went to another mall. When I got out of the car a little later than Kim, I discovered that the antifreeze was leaking profusely. We got advice on where to get to a service station, which really wasn't such great advice after all. We made two stops and decided, after seeing smoke come out of the front end and having the car suddenly lurch while driving, that we weren't going to drive it anymore. With the help of a gas station attendant with a very strong accent, we called a tow to take us 1.5 miles to Big Ten Tires. Who needs Disney World when you can ride in a big tow truck? And who doesn't love spending time waiting on a car repair?

Thankfully the wait was only about a half hour. They discovered that the mechanic who had worked on the heater last week did not properly replace the clamp to the hose. New clamp, new antifreeze, check for $37 and we were on our way. We were so thankful that this didn't happen on the road! Thank you God!

As we were waiting on a call from another pastor who was in a long-running meeting, we of course decided to get back to the mall. That call never came.

On the way back to the condo we stopped at a rib joint that was highly recommended. Not sure why it was highly recommended.

Back at the condo, imagine our chagrin when we couldn't get the key to open the door. We stood there and jimmied with it for about 15 minutes before calling the friends who helped us when we arrived. He quickly came over and turned the key (very hard.) We got out of our dress- clothes-for-no-reason and hunkered down to watch American Idol and write the blog. I couldn't get connected at all, WWAN, MiFi or anything. Of course, the goal of having the MiFi has always been so that both of us can be connected at the same time. So I spent the next two hours on the phone with Jeff at Verizon, getting my computer to connect with and without the cord, and then just a few minutes getting Kim's computer to connect with the WiFi. Gotta love technology.

Today we will meet with Pastor David Lorenz at First Baptist Orlando, then visit our site at Disney World for the conference, and then hopefully connect with a few other pastors.

Right now I think I better get in the shower. Hopefully there is enough hot water for me today ~~

~ Linda

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