Friday, January 8, 2010

Common questions from a CC member ...

Here's a question and my response to a recent Customer Service inquiry:

I have a question. (Another, sorry! I've been asking you a lot of questions lately.) :)

Why is there only room for ten people in the "preferred connections" section? Couldn't someone be interested in more than ten of their connections? Having said that, is there a way to see if someone marked me "not interested"? That way, I would know that someone is not interested and I can move on.

I ask this because if I can only have ten connections in my "preferred" section, and if the "pending" tab will only hold about thirty connections, it would be nice to remove the ones who have no intentions of emailing me back, so I can remove them and move on.

Does that make sense? I'm asking to see if there is a way to do the above, and also to give you feedback. I think you have a great site here, so I just wanted to let you know my thoughts/concerns on the limit of connections one can receive, and the frustration with people not returning emails. Of course, you can't make people return emails, but if I knew they marked me "not interested," I would remove them to make room for someone who might be interested.

Thank you kindly,

Dear (member),

Thank you for the questions. The decisions for the quantity of Pending and Preferred were not made lightly, and with the help of our experts. It would be hard for members to "handle" more connections than what we have designed. There was also a thought process behind the decision as to why you do not receive notification when someone has marked you as "not interested." Oftentimes in these cases, if someone sends them a note of interest, that member will take a second look. This happens often in real life. In fact, it happened with the couple who met and fell in love as a result of the Cache' Connections Dating Game in October! They are now engaged, despite his initial "disinterest."

If you write to a guy once or twice and do not receive a response, we recommend you put him in Not Interested. Be aware that you can still communicate with him from that tab, in the event you should hear from him. We ALWAYS encourage members to respond to emails, but of course that doesn't always happen :)

If you have a particular interest/frustration with a member, we may be able to tell you if he is seeing someone, active, etc.

Cache' Connections

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