Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 11: Home at Last!

God's favor was upon us again on this last day of our journey. Getting ready in our hotel room Tuesday morning, we received a call back from a few calls we made from the road on Monday to see if we could set another appointment while we were in Cincinnati. It so happened that the singles leader from Crossroads Church downtown was available after our 1:00 pm appointment with Princeton Pike COG. Both meetings went very smoothly and the feedback was positive and hopeful. Talk about a couple of beautiful churches! God is doing some amazing things in Cincinnati and we look forward to joining forces to provide a special connection point for the singles there - a service that churches are not designed to provide.

At 3:00 pm CST we were back on the road again, our last leg of this crazy road trip. Only 5.5 hours to home! We were never so happy to see 74 West signs. The drive back was rather uneventful, which is a good thing. More computering, pitstops (now known as "opportunities"), praying and One Last Supper. The photo above was taken at Chevy's in Champaign. I thought the dessert looked a whole lot better than it tasted, but Kim was in brownie heaven!

Sitting here in my living room on the first full night home, it doesn't seem like I was gone for 12 days, although the laundry and unpacking told the true story. My husband was sure glad to see me, and now we've easily slipped back into the usual routine. It seems surreal to ponder the places Kim and I have been and the fabulous people of God that we met. It is truly a God-thing to be welcomed into such amazing churches as First Baptist Atlanta, First Baptist Orlando, Trinity Baptist in Jacksonville, Church by the Glades in Coral Springs, McGregor Baptist in Ft. Myers, and First Baptist Naples.

There is a lot of excitement among singles and singles leaders about the Cache' Connections Disney Getaway, and we are seeing that this is a great avenue to introduce Cache' Connections to singles leaders. God is slowly revealing a plan to us, to perhaps be a new connecting point for single adult leaders to network and find encouragement. Little did we know when we named the biz that God had more connecting in mind that we imagined. But isn't that just like God?

~ Linda

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