Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 10 - Sweet Inspiration

After a map check on day 10, we were wondering - why did we have to go clear to the southern tip of Florida? We had a 16-hour drive to Cincinnati and then 5 1/2 hours home from there on Tuesday. Although, we were pretty proud of ourselves that we had covered quite a bit of ground on Sunday and had made it clear to Byron, GA before we couldn't take any more. We spent most of the day Monday driving through beautiful Tennessee. And if I haven't mentioned it before, Linda strongly dislikes redundancy, so I amused myself by continually interrupting her "computering" to look at the frozen waterfalls coming out of the rocks, just like I did on the way down:)

After getting brave enough to let Linda take the wheel for a while, we decided to pass the time by conducting a "pep rally" of sorts. First of all we read through our "affirmations" that were provided to us by Dr. Torri Griffin, whom we met in Atlanta and is the founder and CEO of Love Living Life. Before we left on this journey, we started making a habit of saying these affirmations together out loud because we know God honors our faith and belief in His word. It is so awesome that we found that many of these affirmations came to pass in our last 10 days, for instance, "It is my intention to enjoy complimentary travel excursions by land, air and sea, to exotic places, with interesting people, to accomplish notable things while being handsomely compensated and having an enjoyable time." We enjoyed 8 days of free lodging and several other provisions, and were able to take a little time to enjoy the beauty of Florida, specifically, Sanibel Island!

The second part of our pep rally included reading sections of Joel Osteen's new book, "It's Your Time." Hold on... we realize a lot of people get "up in arms" over the mere mention of Joel's name, but we believe God has gifted Joel for encouragement, to help people understand that God does want good things for us and he does want us to succeed and be happy. Jeremiah 29:11 says, For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." So, the time actually went by rather quickly and I'm sure people passing our car thought we were probably two crazy ladies from Illinois. Somehow all our inspiring words transformed our reading into Linda and I "putting on our southern preacher hat," holding our fists up in the air, quoting scriptures out loud together and laughing hysterically. Oh well, you can get a little giddy after 1000 miles on the road in a little over a week. As you all know, this is a crazy business we are doing - Pastor Arthur Keeley even called it revolutionary - and we wouldn't have made it this far if we didn't continually stay in the word and build each other up.

The fun all ended, though, when we drove into Cincinnati after dark and hit the traffic on 75. Little did we know that Cincy drivers are known for their speed and road rage and those roads were like a roller coaster ride. We were both terrified and since Linda was driving, all I could do was pray as I realized I had a death grip on my laptop. Thankfully we made it to our destination and had a great dinner at Macaroni Grille and once again found God's favor when our waiter gave us a free piece of chocolate cake.

One more day and then home sweet home:)

~ Kim

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