Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 1: Cache' Connections Disney Tour

We got off to a great start at 7:30 a.m. this morning from Pekin, Illinois, a dozen Mapquest sheets in tow. (I think our little tour actually looks more like a continental sized pinball game!)

The plan was to get lots of work done in the car using the wireless internet card. We got the new MiFi from Verizon just this week so that we could share access at the same time. So I fired up the laptop before we got out of Tazewell County. Well, I tried, that is. Turns out, after much investigation, my power cord had a broken tip, and my laptop was out of juice. That was Problem No. 1. So, like any entrepeneur, I wrenched my body around and yanked Kim's computer from her briefcase in the backseat (seatbelt secured at all times). Time to hook up the MiFi, leading to Problem No. 2. Error Code 676. THE DREADED CALL TO VERIZON ensued. Um, I think it was only about 20 minutes before the technician determined it was a Windows problem. So I decided to read, which meant Kim was supposed to be quiet, which, well, um... I didn't read much.

So we were hoping we'd run into a Best Buy on the way through one of the major cities, but what are the chances it would be visible from the road, right? Well, guess what? Right there she was at Paducah, KY. Never been so happy to see Best Buy. After standing around for 30 to 40 minutes, we were able to exchange the cord and pay only an upcharge of $14 - thank you Lord!

Problem No. 3 commenced after a quick Whopper Jr. and I tried the MiFi on my computer, new power cord employed. Same error code. 1.5 hr. conversation with a rather friendly Anastasia from Columbus who has been on this job for 3 years and never heard of Error Code 676, and I am beginning to understand this thingy. That's when you saw my first post on Facebook.

Smooth sailing through a weird twist of the road which seemed like we were at once in Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee at the same time. Had a nice Cracker Barrel dinner there (both had fried chicken salad. Love the southern accents and sweet tea!)

PROBLEM NO. 4 came when Linda missed her turn off to Rte. 400 off of 258 East (I think.) After numerous phone calls with Emily, our hostess, a few turnarounds and even a stop for directions, we made it.

Emily is putting us up in her 2 BR apt. for a couple of nights and will join us tomorrow at First Baptist Atlanta and hang out with us tomorrow.

I think I have Miss Kim settled down for the night, emails are caught up, sold two tickets to Disney Getaway (woot woot!) so it's time to say goodnight to Day 1.

Hey, it's late, especially since we lost an hour. Goodnight!

~ Linda

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