Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 7 of Disney Tour: Bonding with Casey

Today we hunkered down in our individual bedrooms to catch up on some computer and telephone work (after the obligatory 1.5 hour call to Verizon to giddy-up the MiFi.) Our new little friend, Casey, enjoyed our work day. After I took her for a 1/2 hour walk, where she showed me the finer spots of the 'hood, she tuckered out on Kim's bed and kept her company. Here is a picture of Casey catching a whiff of Kim's breath - apparently a favorite pastime of hers. (Casey's, that is!) The photo above was taken during a "planning session" on the back patio. There really was paper and pen involved.

We're excited to be receiving calls from pastors and singles who are hearing about the Cache' Connections Disney Getaway! One single gal from Daytona stumbled upon the event while surfing a church's website and was so excited she just had to call right away! She said, "Anything that says Christian single, I click on." We look forward to meeting her and her friend at the conference on 2/26 in Orlando!

In the afternoon, we took off to explore the Ft. Myers beach. The traffic, however, was rather heavy on the bridge that takes you there, so we decided to mosey on down to the highly recommended Sanibel Island. After choking at the $6 toll, we began to see that it was just a small ticket price to see Paradise. It took us quite a while to find the beach, if you can imagine that. (Even the gas station girl wasn't sure ... hmmm ...) A brisk walk on the beautiful beach reminded us of God's glory (despite all the dead fish on the beach due to the recent cold snap.) We found an Italian restaurant on the island and enjoyed fire roasted pizzas. We only wished we had come earlier so we could rent bicycles and enjoy the bike paths, which seems to be a popular activity at Sanibel.

On the way back "home," we of course had to stop at the outlet mall and do a little light shopping. It was nice and quiet - an enjoyable evening. One last stop was made to pick up a gift certificate for our hosts, then we settled in for the night, chatting with Cindy and Tom. What a lovely couple they are, and we are so grateful for their generous hospitality!


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