Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 6 of the Disney Tour: Great Day of God's Favor

Day 6 started off in a mad dash to get out of the condo we've been staying in near Orlando, which meant an early shower so that we could wash the towels and bedding, then clean the place up and head out. Funny thing ... we couldn't find the dumpster for our trash. There were none to be found. So, instead of getting lost in the dizzying condo complex on the way out, we threw it in the back of the car and decided to ditch it at the first gas stop.

The first gas stop came and went, but the trash stayed. Next stop, the citrus stand somewhere in Flori-tucky. Shortly after this point Kim noticed that something in the car smelled like coffee, and we thought it had something to do with the fruit we purchased. Do they farm tobacco down here too? We couldn't figure it out until much later that afternoon, when we realized we still had 3 days worth of trash in the back seat! Ha!

So our first stop after a great lunch at Chili's was to visit Pastor Arthur Keeley at MacGregor Baptist in Ft. Wayne. Wow, what a church! You name it, they have it! After winding around the parking lots and several buildings, we finally found one of the front doors. We had a great meeting with Pastor Arthur, who asked all the right questions about Cache' Connections and apparently liked all the answers. We booked a Cache' Connections Live! event for 3/7/10 at 1:00 p.m. and took a tour of the Fellowship Hall and mall area where the event will be held. It will be awesome!

From there we phoned ahead to Pastor Jim Hill, First Baptist of Naples, who was kind enough to meet us on the North (easy) side of Naples, just off of the interstate, 20 minutes down the highway. We had a great visit with him as well and discussed his topic for the workshop he'll be leading at the Disney Conference. He's excited about having his own Cache' Connections Live! event also, and tentatively booked one for the first or second week of October. He, along with our waitress, was a great sport as we insisted on a photo with a palm tree (of sorts) in the background.

The day continued to improve as we made our return to Ft. Myers to meet up with a couple who would be our hosts for the night. Tom and Cindy were connected to us through Pastor Arthur Keeley. We found their place without a hitch and the four of us embarked on a dinner excursion to The Olive Garden. What friendly people of God - what a joy to share in the brotherhood of Christ! To top it off, it turns out that I used to be great friends with Cindy's cousin, who was a youth pastor at our church. Isn't it a small world?

These weary travelers were ever so grateful to lay our heads down in separate beds and put our girly stuff in our own bathrooms :)

~ Linda

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Arthur said...

So glad to have you both in Fort Myers at McGregor! I told you that Tom and Cindy were great (Although I will pick on them that they never took Arlene and I there!)LOL!

Stay encouraged and be blessed! See you at Disney!