Friday, July 30, 2010

What's Around the Corner....

Usually, the end of July and August are pretty quiet at Cache' Connections, but that's not the case this year! There's excitement stirring here at Cache' headquarters as we are seeing some things coming together that have been in the works for a while.  We can't give much away at this time, but let's just say Linda and I have been working on a "new wheel."  Here's a little hint.... one of the biggest problems in finding new locations to host Cache' Connections events is that a large percentage of churches do NOT have singles groups and we hear constantly of groups that are disbanding.  It is a difficult group to keep healthy and vibrant.  So our solution is to provide the churches with an easy program to bring singles together for consecutive events without a lot of work or a singles pastor for that matter.  Of course, we're hoping we will be invited to a kick-off event to precede the others and each event will include some information about Cache' Connections.... so whalaaah!  Here's our marketing program inside the churches which is a perfect fit for Cache' Connections.  But before getting started, we began by spending some time talking with our pastor friends across the country and getting their feedback and so far so good! Another key element is we also have a well-respected expert on board who shares our philosophy on dating.  So, that's all the info for now.  We will be sharing more later when the ducks are all in a row.

We decided last year that we will be more diligent in booking events for the following year during the fall because once you get to the end of September or so, pastors don't want to talk about any more programming for the year since the holidays are just around the corner.  So, we're excited to announce we have booked a big Valentine's Day bash at First Baptist Atlanta the weekend of Valentine's Day.  Details about the event are sketchy, but at least it's on the calendar!

On another note, if you have been following us on Facebook or the blog, you are probably aware that we have been searching for a website programmer for some time.  We have some updates with the website that seem to be too difficult for the average programmer to tackle.  Well, God has finally delivered to us an amazing programmer that is everything we have been looking for and more!  We know His timing is perfect even though it's been a two year wait.  So look for some changes in the website soon, especially the email system!  One biggie is we will be adding threading to emails, so it will make responding much easier.

Getting back to current happenings... just a reminder that we have a few Cache' Coffee Connections coming up in the next few weeks in the Chicagoland area.  These are a lot like Christian speed dating and always quite the hit.  Check these two coffee events out under the Events tab.

Also, we just posted a sizzling special for the weekend.  We have added an extra free month to the 45% off special for July.  Remember, that promo code is July2010 and whoever signs up for 3 months or more through Sunday at midnight will receive an extra month for free, so help us spread the word!

Have a great weekend everyone.  Enjoy the last few weeks of summer!


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