Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Distance Dating Tips

Long-distance relationships are becoming more common, but most people are hesitant to begin communication with someone outside of their area. While many couples have formed relationships successfully this way, long-distance dating certainly comes with some challenges. So we asked one of our members, who lives in Michigan but is engaged to his Southern belle from Georgia, for some tips that have helped them. They are listed below, and some of these tips go for ALL dating relationships.

1. Ask which one of you is willing to relocate if things work out.
2. Can you afford to travel to see each other at least once a month?
3. Start off with a few emails and then suggest a phone conversation.
4. Pray together daily or as often as you talk.
5. Do a structured Bible study together.
6. Read books together and do small group studies together... Changes that Heal and Boundaries in Dating are a great place to start. Lies at the Alter is a great book when things get a bit more serious.
7. Remember we ALL come with baggage and our own opinions about everything.
8 DO NOT idealize the other person... BAD IDEA ... this can be though but DON"T do it. Realize the other person is just human and might just let you down once in a while.
9. If you like games find a web site that will let you play the same copy of a game. There are a number sites where you each can do identical copies of word puzzles. Look for Drop Quotes, Cryptograms, Strimko, GridWorks, and Codewords just to name a few.
10. Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS!!! Ask the Lord to lead you and guide you and your heart in the relationship. "Not my will but Yours be done."

From another couple who live two hours apart:

I would say that the most important thing about long distance dating is to have daily contact ... phone calls, emails, texts and all of the above every single day. Another thought would be to keep available time together a top priority when making plans to get together. Other things and other people can wait ... the one you are intentionally dating should be at the top of your priority list. When a long distance couple is dating, they should not only do fun things together, but also everyday chores and projects too. It is very revealing about another person how they do life. Also, the anticipation of getting together is very very nice and time together is not taken for granted at all. It's like waiting for Christmas...half the fun is the waiting and the planning!!

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