Friday, July 16, 2010

Long Distance >> Engagement Announcement!

Mark and Kathie connected in July 2009 when she saw his profile and decided to send him a message. He was very intrigued that she contacted him first. Mark remembered a video he saw by Dr. Myles Munroe in which the he said that the LORD would bring the woman to the man no matter where she lived. Mark thought this was very interesting since Kathie lives over 700 miles away.

Kathie was impressed by the fact that Mark wanted to do a Bible study together over the phone. After 2 1/2 months and 2 Bible studies, Mark decided to visit Kathie. Both were excited and a bit anxious about the meeting.

After the initial meeting and several days of intense prayer about moving forward in a long distance relationship, the two decided to proceed. Mark financed trips back and forth from Michigan to Georgia every 3 to four weeks. The two found they had many common interests, thoroughly enjoy each others' company, and have gotten VERY creative with long distance dating.

Mark recently proposed to Kathie and she accepted one year after their initial contact.

Kathie: “Mark is an AMAZING man. He is steady and dependable, and yet he has a spontaneous romantic side that I love. I value that Mark can get deep and introspective when we study and that he also likes to play around and have fun!”

Mark: “Kathie is an amazing woman. She loves the LORD with her whole heart and has a heart for ministry, which I find very attractive. There’s so much about her that I love. I feel the LORD Has granted me the desires of my heart.” Our prayer is for each of Cache’ Connections members is to allow the LORD to guide you to the relationship He has for you. Put the LORD first and He WILL grant the desires of your heart."

Mark and Kathie: “Thanks Kim and Linda for providing a truly amazing Christ-centered opportunity to meet other Christian singles.”

Kim and Linda: Both Mark and Kathie are very dear to us, as we've had an opportunity to work with each of them in their respective states. We've been praying for Mark and Kathie all year and are happy to see their relationship progress toward marriage. We feel they are a great fit for each other and thank God for having a part in connecting them!

p.s. Questions on long-distance dating? Mark will be happy to answer your questions. Leave a comment and we will pass it along!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mark and Kathie! Great testimony!

Anonymous said...

Has fate brought these two lovebirds together or is it the good LORD Jesus? Could it be both?

Someday, I hope that Mark and Cathy have all of the desires of their hearts filled by the Lord Jesus. They have overcome great distance and through Cache Connections have experienced the ultimate pinnacle of their hearts desires.


-K Warner