Thursday, July 15, 2010

"Babydoll- Darling- Dear- Sweetheart- Love"

Yesterday we did a fun poll via Facebook on the question, "Is it ever too soon to use nicknames such as Honey, Sweetie, Babe, or Dear in a relationship?" Here are some of the replies:

1. Doug: Depends on the nickname and relationship. Everything has a variable. Dating is not an exact science.

2. Johnny: I say if it feels right and both are comfortable...then go with it! Most diner waitresses are good with it, they call people all those names when they have never dated?

3. Mine': I wouldn't recommend it at least the first few dates. At the same time, like Doug said, "dating is not an exact science." A guy I recently went out with started talking about "us" the next time I talked to him - a total turn off!! Again, it all depends on the personality and how the nickname is used.

4. Jose: After the month and a half, you good!!

5. James: Yea sometimes I would hit with 5 at once. Babydoll darling dear sweetheart love. Too soon, and it hasn't work out for the good. Best to wait.

6. Linda: ha ha ha James! Jose hit it scientifically correct on the dot! LOL keep them coming.

7. Mine': Now, you could say something like, "What a sweetheart!" That would be okay. :) That's not same as saying, "Sweetheart, how about getting together again next week?"

8. Joey: In the south people say Honey..Hon..all the time and think nothing of it.

9. Aimee: Once you decide you are wanting to be in a relationship with that person, then it is, it would vary depending on how long it takes to decide you are ready for terms of endearment :)

Our answer? We tend to agree with No. 9 - wait until you have reached that level of intimacy with the other person so that he or she will know that they are your "sweetheart" - no questions necessary.

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