Friday, January 7, 2011

We love waking up to encouragine emails!

This may come as a surprise to our readers, but we often receive a lot of "suggestions." While we do listen and glean what we feel is useful, there is a lot to take into consideration for the big picture, and frankly, we feel we've heard just about everything by now. (The song "Walk a mile in my shoes" comes to mind ...)

On the flip side, however, we also receive encouraging words quite frequently. Not surprisingly, these blow the wind in our sails! There is power in an encouraging word, which is why we are commanded to encourage each other. 1 Thessalonians tells us: Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

Today started off with wind in our sails :) Actually, we've had a great start to the new year at Cache' Connections, and we praise God for that! Here are some quotes that we've received recently through emails and Facebook:

Re: New Year's Eve Party:
"That was the best time I have ever had at a NYE party. What a great way to bring in the new year. I had so much fun. Every one was just so nice. Thanks for all your hard work. Look forward to seeing you at the next event."

"It was great fun....everyone was really nice and I am SO glad I came. Wish I would have talked to more people. Maybe next time. :=)"

"Thank you so much for the pictures. That was very nice of you and I really enjoyed myself on new years eve. Everyone was very nice and I am really looking forward to future events."

"It was a fun time...I enjoyed the food, Bunco game and company. I'm glad you and Kim where there ladies are special and a blessing to us singles. Have a great 2011."

"I had a great time on New Year's Eve and glad that I came out. It was also very convenient being just a few miles from home! It was a very friendly group and Bunco was a great way to get to meet everyone."

Re: Yesterday's blog post:
"Excellent article Linda and OH SO TRUE! We can't expect different results in 2011 if we're not willing to step out and try new things!!! Tonight a friend of mine (female) and I were invited to dinner with 2 single men. While at the end of the night I don't foresee it being a "match" we still had a great evening and hopefully will get together often as friends. Who knows ... maybe I'll have a friend I can introduce to these wonderful men. It's all about "Connections". I believe in what you're doing!!!!" (We LOVE this gal's attitude!)

"That article is really concise and everyone's success in 2011!!!"

Re: DVD previews by pastors:
"Hi Linda and yes, I previewed the DVD and it is well done. And yes, let's talk again soon about the possibility of hosting a singles event."

"I view the DVD New Years Day and like it very much. I'd love to use it as a study later this year. Please give me details on using it and if there will be a workbook."

"Yes I finally had a chance to review the DVD and thought it was excellent."

From a happy new bride:
"p.s. I hope things are going well for you... people ask all the time how I met the man of my dreams... trying to always put in a good word for cache connections :) Without which, I would have never met the most amazing man ever!! So thank you!"

Who can you encourage today? Who can I encourage today?

~ Linda
Cache' Connections

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