Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Is The Phone Call Necessary?

Here are the results of our most recent Facebook poll, which was prompted by an inquiry from a member of Cache' Connections who is apparently not a fan of the phone:

Is The Phone Call necessary between the online messages and the first face to face meeting?

Tom: no question, yes.

Casi: I don't think it is, but I'm not a phone person.

Nila: I think so too Tom. You can tell a lot from a live conversation. I would not have a face to face meeting without first having a few phone conversations.

Jay: absolutley, there is a lot that can be determined from voice inflection, tonal quality and personality these things cant be articulated through written words alone.

Ray: It's a good idea to talk on the phone before the first date.

Gayle: Yes.

Ronda: Yes it is! It helps prepare U for a sense of the personality behind the messages! In a recent encounter I had I was sooooooo glad I heard his voice first because it wasn't at all what I expected and I may have reacted in person (by the look on my face). Just my opinion.

Barbara: Affirmative! Phone conversation is a must prior to meeting face to face.

Vicki: Absolutely. In this day of technology, hearing someone's voice is still a thrill !!!!

Me: why do people hate the phone?

Vicki: I wonder that myself! Texting has no personality. Emails are ok, but respect me enough to let me hear your voice when you have something to say to me.

Trisha: Vicki a lot of people would rather text (they have unlimited texting) then talk on the phone (limited minutes for phone calls). Personally for me when I'm going to met someone for the first time (I have been trying to make friends the last few years....friends with similar interest) I would lke a text or phone call .... a call is best because then I know what I sound like & I know what they sound like.

As you can see, the majority is in favor of talking on the phone before meeting. What does Cache' Connections think? We tend to agree, but wouldn't consider it a dealbreaker. It would be like a self-screened blind date. But I'm still wondering why people don't like the phone. Any ideas? Also, what does that initial phone call sound like?

~ Linda

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